ChitoGauze Hemostatic Bandage OTC 3in X 4yd


ChitoGauze® OTC is a hemostatic gauze dressing intended for temporary external use to stop bleeding in minor wounds. ChitoGauze® readily conforms to a wide range of wound profiles, allowing rapid control of bleeding. The unique and proprietary chitosan is impregnated through the Z-folded dressing and is available in two sizes (3in x 48in or 3in x 4yds).

  • Hemostatic chitosan-impregnated gauze
  • Controls minor bleeding fast
  • Gauze-like dressing that is flexible and conformable to tissue surfaces
  • Safe and effective
  • Z-folded in sterile package for ease of application
  • Intuitive application

This item can also be paired with an IFAK at a discounted price.